About Me Picture

Hi, My Name Is...Wesley

In my free-time, I monkey-around with my camera and snap lots of pictures, mostly of nature. These photos and this web site is the fruit (banannas) of my care-free labors.


Enjoy the pictures, all you want, but please don't steal. (Honor System)

My Skills Are...

Photography Web-Site Database
ColorEFX Pro  Azure (Cloud)  ASP 
Digital SLR  CSS  SQL Langauge 
Photoshop  HTML  SQL Server 
Wide-Angle Lens  JavaScript   
Zoom Lens  VBA   

A Special Thanks To...

Julien Tromeur at Shutter Stock

Julien created the 3-D "Cartoon" Monkeys.

Y. Yang at Shutter Stock

Yang created the "Silhouette" Monkeys in the logo.