"Snow" Monkeys

I put “Snow” in quotes for a reason. It was the coldest day of the year in the Twin Cities. Snow was covering everything. Fortunately, I had the day off from work. While everyone was doing the smart thing and staying inside, I decided to make the slippery trek to the Minnesota Zoo to capture the “Snow” Monkeys doing what I thought they did best…living in the snow.

Turns-out, “Snow” Monkeys had gone inside to stay warm and were nowhere to be seen. Therefore, I was the only primate stupid enough to be outside in the below zero weather, holding a freezing metal camera waiting for the “Snow” Monkeys to venture outdoors. I’ll call it “dedication to my craft”. You can call it “stupidity”. (Apparently the “Snow” Monkeys are smarter than me. At least, they have more common sense).

I thought these guys loved the snow – hence the name. Calling these primates “Snow” Monkeys was clearly a blatant attempt to mislead the public. “False Advertising” Monkey is a more appropriate moniker.

If you notice, there is no snow in the picture. This is because I finally did get a picture of the “False Advertising” Monkeys, but as you probably guessed, it was on warm spring afternoon, when the so-called “Snow Monkeys” were enjoying the weather.

Anyway, this is one of my all-time favorite photos, mostly because of the mother monkey is comforting the child.

There was some heavy ColorEFX Pro work to make the background “interesting”. In real-life, it is just a slab or tan concrete.

Just In Case You Are Wondering…

The web site is called Monkey World, but I only have one picture featuring monkeys on my web site.

Sure, I have pictures of gorillas and gibbons. But, these primates do not have a tails, and therefore, are technically not monkeys. Turns-out, a tail can make a huge difference!

My site is just about the photos I shoot, when I am “Monkeying Around”.